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Girls Incorporated is a national, non-profit youth development organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

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Red on the River

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“The world has paused, but the need has not”

Dear Girls Inc. Friends and Families,

As we collectively deal with these challenging and unprecedented times we are in with COVID-19, I sit at my desk and marvel at the grit and determination of our community, and the world really, to overcome all obstacles and to be strong while facing this pandemic head on. We are all using our resources, experiences, wisdom, and tools to work smarter on everything that is thrown our way. Some of the measures we are having to take to persevere and thrive in the future are pretty darn bold. It reminds me of what we ask our girls to do and be every day – stronger, smarter and bolder. More…

Our doors may not be open, but we have been working hard.


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