Girls Inc. members speak to U.S. Congresswomen; 1 local girl aspires to be Senator

Photo by Josh Kelly.

Girls, Inc. on Wednesday provided the chance for some of their young leaders to virtually meet Congresswomen as part of the “Take Our Daughters to Congress Day.”

Tish Correa Osborne, CEO of the local Girls, Inc., said that the four girls were selected from both middle and high school levels and they each expressed an interest in learning more about politics and other leadership lessons.

“This event recognizes the importance of role models in shaping the lives of young girls and is an opportunity for the women members of Congress to help girls see themselves as leaders,” Osborne said.   

The event used to happen annually in person and would pair with girl with a Congresswoman; however, due to the pandemic the event has been conducted digitally.

This year Owensboro’s group was able to have four girls join the call and get to meet several Congresswomen and senior staff members attending.

One of the first speakers was Rep. Madeleine Dean, who serves Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District. She talked about the journey and preparation that went into becoming a representative. 

Osborne said that one of the girls, LaShay Vera, was picked because she is interested in becoming a Congresswoman one day. Vera was able to speak to Rep. Cori Bush, who represents Missouri’s 1st Congressional District. Vera asked if Bush ever felt intimidated being in a male-dominated field, to which she said no.

“It actually motivates her to rise up because without people like her in those positions, who is going to rise up and tell their stories? We have stories that need to be heard and nobody will be able to hear them if we aren’t there to tell them,” Vera said.

When she was listening to Dean and Bush speak, Vera was steadily writing notes on her notepad and paying close attention to the words of someone she looks up to.

When the day was over, Vera said she was deeply appreciative of being able to hear the women’s perspectives on their job.

“As a future politician as myself — I want to become a Senator — I feel like [they had] great knowledge and great words of advice,” Vera said.

Josh Kelly, Owensboro Times